Who We Are and What We Do

SHAMIM is an NGO and a social movement aiming to establish a new world order that strives for spiritual harmony and universal oneness.

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.”

-Daniel J. Boorstin

Through extensive research based on theology, science, mysticism, art and more, SHAMIM has developed a series of theories, tools, and platforms that support and help propel its mission. In addition, we hope to educate the public as to why this mission is important and how we can make it a reality.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

-Albert Einstein

The Mind-Experience Loop

Personal and collective rectification is a circular process – a journey rather than a destination. Our experiences are interlinked with the state of our brains in a closed feedback loop – we call this phenomenon the mind-experience loop. We must be ever-aware of the interdependency of our brains and our experiences. A new lifestyle must be adopted to change both our brains and our reality, so that our minds can grow to a higher level of consciousness.

The complex journey of rectification can only provide lasting, tangible results if we adjust all of our experiences, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. The changing of our behaviors and institutions, large and small, must be done collectively, as we all share one consciousness.

“To rectify the world, we need to rectify our brains, which requires a rectified world. Therefore, rectification is a journey and not destination.”

-R. B.

Our expansive network provides suggestions from various perspectives as to how we should reform our lifestyles and societies in order to create the right circumstances for real, lasting change. SHAMIM also outlines ways to transparently track the results of human progress, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or location.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The concepts behind SHAMIM are in their infancy and lack the graces of fully developed theories. We aim to open discussion and hope to foster a worldwide collaboration that will evolve these ideas for the greater good of society.

Below you will discover the many platforms of SHAMIM. Please visit “LEARN” if you want to read more about the root of the problem and how we will seek to address it.

“Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive.”

-Albert Einstein


Our theory of Qonsciousness suggests that our classical consciousness is integrated within the quantum realiy. Our olfactory receptors grant us bidirectional access to that quantum field. Olfactory perception is present in all stages of life and, as evidenced by odor receptors, present throughout our bodies, even before an embryo is fully conceived. Our single perception of reality is based on two levels of consciousness: Conscious-Awareness and Conscious-Experience and our consciousness neither arises from, nor is limited to the brain. This phenomenon is based on a quantum process that we can observe, akin to those in plant photosynthesis, bird brain navigation, quantum vibrations in our microtubules, and other natural processes.

Feminine Peace

Feminine Peace uses scientific and theological evidence to demonstrate the unique biological characteristics of the female brain in general – but most notably those of the “feminine” woman – underscoring a woman’s superior sense of smell to demonstrate its link to their stronger memory and intuition. Women, on average, have 50% more olfactory neurons than men do, and during their pregnancies, they become especially sensitive to fragrances, as they bear an additional soul(s) in their bodies. Learn how we can leverage these attributes to receive guidance and intellectual nourishment for the greater good of society.


We reveal the real Shield of King David (Magen David) based on pictures from the City of David in Jerusalem. We prove that the hexagram, the six-pointed star, is not representative of the Shield of David as commonly thought; the star cannot be found anywhere in the City of David, nor is it mentioned in any authoritative Jewish books. As a spiritual person with a complete and blind trust in God, King David, for instance, did not carry a shield for his physical protection. Rather, he did it for Alef, as ultimate protection from our Master, as he says in Psalms 3:4, “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and He Who raises up my head.”


Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to restructure its synaptic connections in response to our experiences. According to our theory of NeuroPlasticity, the olfactory system grants us an uncorrupted sense of reality, whereas all of the other senses seem to yield a subjective, dynamic perception of self and the world based on the wiring of our brain. Using the framework of neuroscience, the NeuroPlasticity page why and how we can use mystical and theological concepts that can change our lifestyles in order to rectify our plastic brains.

Gender Harmony

Gender Harmony clarifies the roots of misguided quests for “balance”, the fruitless search for equality and confusing approach of nondualism. We introduce the concept of spiritual harmony that replaces these misconceptions with a harmonious duality, resulting in oneness between the genders.


Unity can be ensured based on the Davidic concept of spiritual harmony, which is embedded in Magen David, known as the Shield of King David. Just as music only sounds harmonic if the individual notes are played in the right order and at the right time, the order and timing of our own actions affect the harmony of our society. Our bodies fire neurons in a coordinated fashion, but not necessarily simultaneously or at even levels; this electrical activity, measured as brain waves – similar to the melody produced by strings of King David’s harp that helped unite his kingdom – demonstrates the state of Oneness brought on by perfect harmony.


The brain is divided into two hemispheres. The Corpus Callosum (CC) connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres and facilitates interhemispheric communication. Go2.CC explains the reason for the gradual decrease of the size of the Corpus Callosum over the course of human history. It also tackles the consequences of this reality: Only 2% of our cortical neurons are connected by this track in our generation. Further, it remedies this and directs us as to how we can increase interhemispheric activity, and ultimately, the size of our CC.


A new system of governance in which Power is vested in women while Authority is vested in men. By establishing a duality in which femininity is fully appreciated and utilized for its unique and precious characteristics, we come closer to the optimal circumstances necessary for spiritual harmony to thrive.


QabbAllah (Arabic: قبلة‎‎‎, قبالة, قب الله | Hebrew: ‎‎קבלה) is a gateway to higher knowledge and a tool to connect with nature and the divine; it is not based on any religion, race, or national identity. It promotes inclusion rather than separation among mankind. The root of this word Q+B+L is associated with many words and concepts in Hebrew and Arabic. These roots are the basis for Qabballah, an ancient, hidden mystical discipline. By following the path of Qabballah, we will shape our neurological pathways and strengthen the connection and alignment of our heart and our brain, as well as the connection among mankind.


SMiiiM is the tool that completes the ultimate mission of SHAMIM – a mission that will follow us through our lives, the lives of our progeny, and beyond. Our exhaled breath contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, as well as a small amount of more than 100 other volatile chemical components that vary depending on the state of a person’s health. SMiiiM shows us how to use our experiences to alter each individual’s unique scent and the collective scent of humanity, which ultimately correlates with our collective consciousness.


An invisible bridge between Iranians and Israelis to be built by feminine-female leaders in order to achieve lasting peace. GreenBlueBridge intends to build two shadow governments, representing Iran and Israel, to collaborate with think tanks and academia in demonstrating the strategic benefits of cooperation between their respective nations.


Based on mystical teachings, the first Hebrew letter, Alef, represents various concepts such as Alouf (Master), Adam (Human), Ehad (Oneness), Or (light) and Ahava (love). These concepts signify the link between two unequal or seemingly paradoxical entities, such as the paradox of man and God. The hidden concepts of the Alef help us achieve true oneness, as well as to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.


SpiriTech provides a technological solution that can track our overall well being, which is based on our spiritual progress. By using mobile applications with a nanoarray of sensors to detect our exhaled volatile organic compounds, and by analyzing those results with artificial intelligence machines, we can classify and diagnose our physical and spiritual conditions. Further, we will be able to monitor the effects of our personal and collective lifestyle choices and apply them to disease prevention efforts.


A new system of government in which global Authority is in the hands of a sole monarch, while local Authority and Power are vested in local mayors and their administrations. Mayorchy would put an end to the imposed separation of people based on national identity, nation states, national borders, and ultimately, the need for a military armed with heavy weapons and national border walls. Mayors who take pride in leading based on tribal heritage are more likely to cherish individualism to ensure harmony among their tribes, instead of imposing national identities, while embracing their traditions.


This page elaborates on the identity and role of the Final Redeemer using translations from various theological sources. It shows the link between King David, the famous army of Imam Mahdi, the significance of the number 313, and the importance of the role of women in achieving universal peace. Further, the theory points to many references in Hadith teaching us that Imam Mahdi has a sharp nose, will appear in an Israelite’s body, and must be direct descendant of King David. Other sources tell us that the true Messiah will be able to “smell and judge” – to determine the guilt and innocence of the accused by directly sensing their inner nature.


The compounds in one’s exhaled air produce a unique and stable molecular autograph, an individual’s “breath-print.” PranaYama elaborates on the global environmental pillar needed for clean air and provides enlightened instructions on how to handle our life force. It teaches the mystical Hedvah-Breathing and communication, among other techniques, as means for the establishment of spiritual harmony and well being.


mREFORM suggests a new way to manage global households, replacing current economic systems with a harmonious and effective social model. This model also facilitates the circumstances for a global sovereign monetary system based on one currency, one central bank, and guaranteed salary. Among other benefits, such as the elimination of taxes as we know them, mREFORM ensures that we earn money to live, not live to earn money.

Eshet HiHeel

This page shares mystical teachings and recommendations for women. We refer to the exquisite and multi-layered poem of King Solomon, “Eshet Hayeel” (“Woman of Valor”), and share the monarch’s visions about the role of women and the world peace. King Solomon, the son of King David, is praised in Abrahamic religions as the wisest man who ever lived.


AQUA elaborates on the global environmental pillar widely proposed for a clean and sustainable water supply. It demonstrates the mystical teachings that link water with knowledge, the moon’s gravitational effects, and the importance of water. Various fluid compartments add up to compose the body’s water content, which constitutes as much as 70 percent of the weight of the average male adult and about 73 percent of human brain.


The mission of the Council on the Status of Women (CSW) is to officially establish the status of women as superior in order to create harmony between the two sexes. Once a woman is made a man’s superior, he becomes her equal.


We can strategically leverage and enforce the Seven Laws of Noah to advance universal morality. By adhering to these straightforward moral imperatives, incumbent upon all of humanity, we can create the exact circumstances in which spiritual harmony can organically flourish.


Darkness becomes color to our eyes only when we light a candle; by illuminating, we see the light and the darkness. Just as God created the moon to illuminate the night sky, women are created to brighten the world in times of darkness. Just as the moon brings stability to the earth’s tilt, women, too, bring stability to our lives. Even menstrual phases are in sync with the moon. Many candles can be lit from one candle without diminishing it. #LetmyPeopleLight is the official hashtag for all platforms of the SHAMIM movement. It advocates for a radical change in gender roles based on the scientific and theological evidence behind the superiority of the female brain. Please visit this page to sign our petition.