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Most if not all of the content on our websites read as they were final statements, but there are not. It is very important to see these content as food for thought to initiate discussions in order to collaborate to elaborate, so please share your brain. We appreciate any type of criticism since they help us to grow. Please try to also suggest solutions when you find problems.

It is commonly known that we as social creatures relate to other people’s stories, which makes storytelling one of the most efficient way to convey ideas and concepts. All of the concepts on our websites are based on theological scriptures. The stories we read in those books are multi-dimensional and multi-layer parallel concepts to ease our lives if understood and translated correcly. For a better understanding, here is an example: What Leonardo Bonacci, known as Fibonacci discovered mostly known as the “Fibonacci Numbers”, is the concept of “Love Numbers” of Torah, which he “private labeled” under his name. There are X similar stories and concepts like that from psychology to physics. It is important to note that we don’t invent anything, we just discover what our Creator has Created and we are able to discover if we do it from a level of humbleness and for the greater good of the universe. The secret is to be creative and find parallels between one concept that we understand with the ones that we want to learn more about. The name of those scriptures reveals to us also the source of the information: The word QabbAllah mostly known as “to receive” has its root as the word for parallel and reads: Qabb-Allah. It is not related to religion, simply because religion didn’t exist in that time period.


“A great storyteller teaches you how to think and not what to think. A great listener knows already how to comprehend but learns how to translate the story.” -R. B.



Most of the content you find on our websites are conveyed through generalizations and therefore, there are plenty of exceptions. For example, when it is written: “woman-man” or “female-male”, we are generalizing and really talking about the feminine-masculine attributes since not every woman is 100% feminine and not every man is 100% masculine. Obviously, women and men have both of the two qualities, but perhaps women have more of the feminine qualities and energies, etc.

We use all sorts of ideologies, symbols, and concepts to prove our theories because to our knowledge, there is no precedent in the modern history. It is imaginable that this could lead to some conspiracy theories but we must emphasize that we do not believe in any schemes or secret plans by a group whose purpose is to cause damage. In today’s generation, many people talk about so-called “secret societies”, which doesn’t make them secret anymore, but we strongly believe that their only purpose is to bring us closer to our Creator. In other words, would we have been close to our Creator, there would be no need to have these organizations or political leaders to draw us to the Creator by “tutoring” and “torturing” us with their “sticks”.  We will even be thankful to these once we comprehend why they had to do what they did. This is visible from the Bible as Our Creator Commanded Moses “Come to Pharaoh” instead of “Go to Pharaoh“, which makes it clear that God was on the side of Pharaoh and further the Talmud teaches us that “Pharaoh brought the Israelites closer to God“, but it doesn’t say that about Moses! So we understand that Pharoah was just a slave of God, fulfilling God’s mission, just like all Pharaohs of our generation. It is sadly funny to see Israelites thanking God every year for the “Egyptian” exodus, but no one really asks Who Brought the Israelites to slavery in the first place! The story of Israelites is the story of each one of us. We need to thank God for the lesson and not for the Exodus since we are all still in the very same slavery!


“The deepest level of slavery is when you even don’t realize that you are a slave.” -Talmud



We use various concepts from different theological and cultural backgrounds; however, we try to find common denominators in all sorts of belief systems. We have great respect for everyone’s beliefs and we do not intend to discriminate or hurt other people. If there happens to be a situation where our message is not well received or you have a comment or concern, we kindly ask you to contact us.

We learn that our Creator is beyond gender, however, we refer to the feminine aspect of the Divine on our websites.

The entire scope of this research was independently funded. All sources are open to the public. We neither seek financial gain, nor personal credit. Instead, we hope you join our journey.