To be honest means to be truthful in everything one says and does. This means more than refraining from lying; it includes telling the whole truth, even when doing so is difficult.



Integrity results from consistent decisions to act ethically in difficult situations. To have integrity is to uphold ethical principles and follow through on one’s aspirations and visions, consistently, predictably and reliably.



Quality for us is striving to do everything to the best of one’s ability and working hard to better meet the needs of our partners.



Good citizenship requires all of us to respect applicable laws and regulations. As an organization, we will continue to strive for an open, transparent business climate free from corruption. SHAMIM will refrain from paying bribes or seeking out otherwise unlawful means to influence people’s decisions.



Respect is regard for the inherent worth of each individual. It requires us to create a platform where people are treated well and are afforded all of the rights they are entitled to, both under the applicable law and also under this organization’s policy. A respectful workplace is safe, free from discrimination and harassment, affords partners fair opportunity to pursue their goals, and protects the privacy of personal information that the organization may obtain or possess.



Empathy is not only the ability to understand a person’s predicament and identify with their feelings, but also to feel emotionally and physically as if the other’s feelings were their own.



We place great importance on jointly seeking creative options in situations in which polarizing differences can be made compatible or even complementary. We suggest using objective criteria and reasonable standards to resolve the differences.



Fairness can be understood as a concern for how others are treated, ensuring that we treat people in the way we wish to be treated. Fairness is a commitment to behave ethically towards every human being by applying sound moral standards and reasoning in decisions that affect other people. Fairness also governs how we treat other organizations and how we manage working relationships.



Responsibility calls on us to accept the obligation to act in a manner taking into account all of the values mentioned herein. As an organization, we recognize that we will be held accountable for our actions and we fully accept the consequences of any step that we take.



We encourage a hunger for continuous education in order to discover new ideas, new technologies, and new ways of working and interacting, in order to secure a sustained and competitive advantage for our organization.



We respect our partners’ rights to privacy and use information with appropriate discretion.